No View Farm, Bakery & Greenhouse

No View Farm is an organic Bed & Breakfast with a commercial gardens, greenhouses . Our bakery products are all made with as many all natural or organic ingredients as we can purchase locally. All vegetables and herbs we produce are grown by Organic Methods. We currently have over 80 varieties of seedlings started and will have some seedlings available to purchase.

No View is currently accepting a limited amount of CSA (Community Supported Agriculture Shares. You will receive 15% off retail pricing on No View Products in exchange for your advance payment of your share. Shares range from $50.00 to $600.00 . No pre-packed boxes. You use our shopping cart method to purchase only goods and products you will use!

Our Mission is to sustain-ably operate a local food focused horse farm model that provides educational opportunities while creating diverse local economies through collaborative, cooperative, community projects rooted in agriculture.


Contact No View Farm, Bakery & Greenhouse

Contact No View Farm, Bakery & Greenhouse

Annette Marin
855 South Rumford Rd
Rumford, Maine  04276
Phone: 207-364-6300


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