New Hampshire Conservation Stewardship Program

New Hampshire Conservation Stewardship Program

The Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) is a voluntary conservation program that supports ongoing stewardship of private, working agricultural lands by providing payments for maintaining and enhancing natural resources. CSP identifies and rewards those farmers who are meeting the highest standards of conservation and environmental management on their operations.

2009 Conservation Stewardship Program Materials

Through CSP, NRCS provides financial and technical assistance to eligible producers to conserve and enhance soil, water, air and related natural resources on their land. Eligible lands include cropland, grassland, improved pastureland, non-industrial private forestland — a new land use for the program —and agricultural land under the jurisdiction of an Indian tribe.

The New Hampshire state resource priorities for this program are:  animal, energy, plant, water quality and soil quality (agricultural land) or soil erosion (non-industrial private forest land).  The CSP program in NH is state-wide.

Additional information on CSP, including eligible watersheds and a CSP self-assessment workbook are available on-line below. Farmers may also call or visit their local NRCS office; New Hampshire locations  are listed here.

The entire operation must be enrolled and must include all eligible land that will be under the applicant's control for the term of the proposed contract that is operated substantially separate from other operations.

CSP offers participants two possible types of payments:

  1. Annual payment for installing and adopting additional activities, and improving, maintaining, and managing existing activities
  2. Supplemental payment for the adoption of resource-conserving crop rotations

CSP Interim Final Rule (PDF, 134KB) - The public comment period is open until September 28, 2009.
CSP Fact Sheet (PDF, 44KB)
Payment Range Estimates (
PDF, 29KB August 17, 2009)
NH Resource Conserving Crops
The Organic Crosswalk (PDF, 48KB September 10, 2009)

2009 CSP Self-Screening Checklist and Activity Sheet

2009 Conservation Stewardship Self-Screening Checklist (PDF, 98KB)
2009 Conservation Stewardship Program Activity List (PDF, 98KB)

2009 Enhancement Activity Job Sheets

"Enhancement" means a type of conservation activity used to treat natural resources and improve conservation performance. Enhancements are installed at a level of management intensity that exceeds the sustainable level for a given resource concern, and those directly related to a practice standard are applied in a manner that exceeds the minimum treatment requirements of the standard. 

Air Quality
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Soil Quality
Water Quality
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Contact New Hampshire Conservation Stewardship Program

Contact New Hampshire Conservation Stewardship Program

Jim Spielman
Resource Conservationist
2 Madbury Rd.
Durham, New Hampshire  03824
Phone: 603-868-7581


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