Native prairie bank program

Program Purpose: To protect native prairie through the purchase of conservation easements, that allows the land to remain in private ownership.

Eligibility: The proposed easement must be covered by native prairie vegetation, never have been plowed, and have less than 10% tree cover. Easements are either permanent or for a minimum of 20 years and may allow for selected agricultural practices such as mowing of wild hay.

Who May Apply: Private landowners

Priorities: Priority is given to permanent easements. Selection is based on: Proximity to other native prairie, quality of the tract, and if the prairie is being threatened by activities that would damage it.

Level of Assistance: Permanent Native Prairie Bank easements pay the landowner 65% of the Reinvest in Minnesota (RIM) Permanent Marginal Agricultural Land payment rate, which is roughly equal to 58.5% of the average estimated market value of crop land. For an easement of limited duration the landowner is paid 65% of the permanent Prairie Bank easement rate.

General Information: This program was created in 1987 by the State Legislature as part of the Reinvest in Minnesota (RIM) initiative to save native prairie. It is administered through the Scientific and Natural Area's Program at the DNR. More details on this program.

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Contact Native prairie bank program

Contact Native prairie bank program

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Land Protection Specialist
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