Naramata Conservation

 To preserve, protect and enhance the human and natural environment of Naramata.

 To preserve wilderness areas through land conservation strategies. To encourage the use of sustainable development standards, such as ‘green’ building methods and systems.To benefit the community by supporting awareness of environmental issues.

Naramata is a community of 1,800 people in the Okanagan valley of British Columbia.
 As a community, Naramata offers a wonderful lifestyle: stunning views of the lake and surrounding mountains, rolling hillsides of orchards and vineyards, and small town warmth and charm.

 One of the greatest assets of Naramata is its proximity to wilderness. Ponderosa pine forests and grasslands embrace the community on the eastern hillsides. These ridges are part of an endangered eco-system in British Columbia. The arid landscape of the southern Okanagan is the most ecologically diverse region of Canada; yet it also faces severe development pressure. The mosaic of habitats found in the region support over 250 species at risk. But, the moderate climate and rural lifestyle are attracting development at a staggering pace.

 Naramata Conservation is committed to working for a balance: protecting the wilderness and encouraging a sustainable management model for future development.
 Naramata Conservation also works on other environmental projects in the community.
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Contact Naramata Conservation

Contact Naramata Conservation

Craig Henderson
126 Robinson Ave.
Suite A, Manitou Village, Box 124
Naramata, British Columbia  V0H 1N0
Phone: 250 496-5222