Morgan Hill Overlook and Prairie Trail

Connecting the parking area to the Morgan Hill Overlook, the Morgan Hill loop takes visitors through a Prairie Demonstration Area, the trail passes by plants indicative of the Black Belt prairie.  Don't be surprised if you find a burned field here, as prescribed fire is used to maintain this unique prairie habitat.  Visitors may see a variety of plants and animals including Indian grass, plume grass, white-tailed deer, fox and various species of waterfowl, butterflies and songbirds. Spring and summer are the best seasons to see several varieties of butterflies. Fall wildflower viewing can be spectacular in this grassland habitat. Waterfowl are best seen in the late evenings of fall and winter as the birds flock to the back of the lake to roost.The trail has a packed gravel surface making it wheelchair accessible to the overlook with an accessible ramp. The Morgan Hill Overlook, equipped with a binocular telescope, provides visitors a panoramic vista of 450-acre Loakfoma Lake.

Contact Morgan Hill Overlook and Prairie Trail

Contact Morgan Hill Overlook and Prairie Trail

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