Moore Soil and Water Conservation District

The mission of the Moore County Soil and Water Conservation District is to preserve the natural resources for all land users of Moore County by providing technical, educational, and financial assistance.

Services Provided
The District focuses attention on natural resource problems and offers numerous programs to assist in identifying solutions as follows:

  • Assists NRCS in implementing the 1995 Food Security Act, by giving priority to erosion reduction on cropland that is determined to be highly erosive, and by assisting landowners to develop a conservation plan for that land.
  • Have available resources to identify wetlands in Moore County. Help landowners obtain necessary information needed for permits when impacting a wetland.
  • Farmers not practicing conservation tillage are encouraged to try the no-till method by using one of the four sod planters maintained by the office. The nominal rental rate is $8.00 per acre.
  • Reduce the flow of sediments, nutrients, pesticides, and animal wastes into the state's waters by providing incentive payments and cost-sharing funds to farmers to install best management practices. The state-funded water quality program, North Carolina Agriculture Cost Share Program, is administered through the District Board of Supervisors. It funds such conservation measures as stripcropping, filter strips, water control structures, grass waterways, animal mortality, and animal waste management systems. The Federal-funded program, Environmental Quality Incentives Program, also provides cost-sharing assistance for total resource management to install BMP’s.
  • The District encourages the protection of the county’s valuable woodland by cooperating with the North Carolina Forest Service. The District makes available a mechanical tree planter to all Moore County landowners and promotes a tree seedling sale to encourage landowners in the county to plant seedlings for windbreaks, beautification, erosion control, and sound barriers;
  • District personnel are responsible for assisting intensive animal operations to stay in compliance with the State's 0200 laws and regulations. Staff assists the Division of Water Quality to make annual safety checks of animal waste lagoons.
  • Technical advice can be obtained for homeowners to solve erosion problems around their houses and yards. The District also provides technical information on wetness problems under homes and structures. When requested, the staff designs and sizes driveway culverts to carry runoff and prevent erosion.
  • Assist clients in obtaining GIS and aerial photography.

Contact Moore Soil and Water Conservation District

Contact Moore Soil and Water Conservation District

Penny P. Morgan
Administrative Secretary II
707 Pinehurst Avenue
PO Box 908
Carthage, North Carolina  28327-0908
Phone: 910-947-5183 x3
Fax: (910) 947-1253


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Moore County, North Carolina