Missoula Conservation District

Organized in 1946, Missoula Conservation District (MCD) is a political subdivision of the state, governed by a board of five (5) county-elected and two (2) city-appointed supervisors. MCD formed around the 1946 City Limits of Missoula. The boundaries of Missoula Conservation District are the boundaries of Missoula County minus the 1946 City Limits of Missoula (See Map Below). District funding comes from local city and county taxes levied on real property within the boundaries of the District. Through a long-standing partnership with NRCS, Missoula Conservation District is co-located in the NRCS Missoula Field Office.


All services offered by the Missoula Conservation District are free and voluntary. In return for services, the District asks that you make a commitment to become a better steward of your land.

Watershed Planning

  • Inventory natural resources
  • Develop group coordinated resource management plans
  • Develop individual land management plans with private landowners for their property within the watershed

Develop Land Management Plans with Individual/Groups of Landowners within Missoula County:

  • Inventory of the natural resources
  • Develop plan map of property on aerial photo
  • Provide technical assistance to the landowner for management alternatives to accomplish the landowner's goals and objectives

Technical Assistance through our Staff and the Natural Resources Conservation Service:

  • Streambank Stabilization Measures
  • Soils Information
  • Grazing Management Pans
  • Fencing to Improve Livestock Distribution
  • Livestock Water Developments
  • Irrigation Systems and Irrigation Water Management
  • Pasture & Hayland Management
  • Wildlife Habitat Enhancement
  • Windbreaks
  • Weed Control
  • Revegetation Plans
  • Forest Stand Improvement Planning

Cost Share Program to Promote Practices that Improve Natural Resources:

  • 75% Cost Share, with a maximum of $5,000/project for Stream/Fisheries Improvements, Wildlife Habitat Improvements, Erosion Control Measures, Uplands Improvements, Fire Hazard Reduction Measures

Riparian Planting Mini-Grants:

  • $500 Grants for Planting/Seeding Native Riparian Vegetation Along Streams and Rivers

Legacy Conservation Grant Program:

  • A matching grant program to promote large scale conservation & restoration projects - minimum awards of $10,000 & maximum of $25,000, with limited exceptions. The District will award 1 to 4 grants per calendar year.

Contact Missoula Conservation District

Contact Missoula Conservation District

3550 Mullan Road
Suite 106
Missoula, Montana  59808-5168
Phone: (406) 829-3395
Fax: (406) 829-3455


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Missoula County, Montana