Mississippi Forestry Commission

The Mississippi Forestry Commission provides technical and financial assistance to private non-industrial forest landowners (NIPF) in Mississippi.  Of the State’s 19.79 million acres of forestlands, 77 percent, or more than 13 million acres, belongs to an estimated 350,000 NIPF owners with parcels of 10 acres or greater. 

Most technical assistance and forestry advice is free to the landowner. Direct services, such as listed below are available for a fee. Contact your local Mississippi Forestry Commission Office for requested services. 
Direct Services available for a fee:  timber marketing, survival checks, Southern Pine Beetle suppression activities, tree planting, BMP audit team participation and training, prescribed burning, reforestation tax credit management plan, site preparation, SMZ establishment, compliance checks, GIS/GPS mapping and acreage verification, fire lane/firebreak establishment and/or maintenance, road/skid trail/loading dock maintenance, vegetation management, aerial photography and equipment rental.

The Mississippi Forestry Commission provides a state directory of wood-using industries, which is seed to locate new markets and sources of unfinished to finished products. 

A list of professional forestry consultants as well as private forestry vendors, timber buyers and loggers is available from local Mississippi Forestry Commission offices.

Contact Mississippi Forestry Commission

Contact Mississippi Forestry Commission

Private Lands Program
660 North Street, Suite 300
Jackson, Mississippi  39202
Phone: (601) 359-1386
Fax: (601) 359-1349


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