Mississippi Firewise Program

Firewise is an educational program for homeowners and community leaders. This program is for anyone living in, or connected to, the Wildland Urban Interface. Information is available on how to design, construct, landscape, and maintain home or community so as to withstand a wildfire without the aid of firefighting resources on scene.

Firewise principles are based on National Fire Protection Association guidelines.

  • Design and construction - Use fire resistant materials in building and retrofitting a home. use fire proof screens and vents on all openings.
  • Landscaping - Create and maintain at least 30 feet of defensible space around your home. Within this 30 feet of defensible space, reduce or remove the vegetation that has a high content of flammable resins, oils, or waxes.  Remove hazards such as woodpiles on the front porch and prune overhanging tree limbs.  Consider the use of fire resistant mulch and consider planting species that have a high moisture content in the leaves.
  • Maintenance - Mow the lawn regularly, sweep the roof and clean out the gutters - reduce the amount of fuel that will bring a wildfire into the home.

Firewise Workshops
Firewise workshops are FREE events, however, pre-registration is required. Meals, refreshments and workshop materials will be provided.  Firewise workshop and/or field days are a one-day event, bringing together citizens, business, and community leaders involved in planning, financing, building, sustaining, and protecting communities in the wildland/urban interface. This will be a learning experience and participants will learn about why homes burn, various wildland fuel reduction techniques, and how to assess the fire danger of their own home.

Contact Mississippi Firewise Program

Mississippi Forestry Commission
1689 Highway 35 South
Carthage, Mississippi  39051
Phone: (601) 656-1381
Fax: (601) 656-9247


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