Milkweed Farm

We are a diverse, family-run farm on 10 acres in Brunswick, Maine. Our motivation to farm came from a desire to feed our children the most wholesome food we could provide. We aspire to utilize sustainable farming practices including rotational grazing, cover cropping, companion planting, and biodynamic farming practices, to grow delicious and nutritious food for family, friends and the local community.


We raise an array of produce and pastured animals.
~Vegetables, greens & berries
~Chicken                                          ~Pork
~Herbs and Herbal Products

Our animals are all pasture raised,  given no hormones or antibiotics, and have their feed supplemented with excess from our garden, as well as milk from our Jersey Cow to ferment their grain and keep them healthy. The animals serve as an integral part of our farm system by providing pest management, fertilizer, and much more.

StrawberriesFrom arugula to zucchini, we raise over forty different vegetable and fruit crops in the field and in our greenhouse and hoop houses. In the spring we offer seedlings for sale to our farm members.

We also grow medicinal herbs and occasionally sell our herbal remedies, salves, and soaps at our farm.

Contact Milkweed Farm

Contact Milkweed Farm

Michael and Lucretia Woodruff
63 Gott Lane
Brunswick, Maine  04011


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