Mike Hughes

Mike is a Board-Certified Master Arborist (ISA), and a Registered Consulting Arborist (ASCA).  The only such certified arborist in the State of Maine.  These are both currently the highest certifications available in Arboriculture.  I am also a qualified Tree Risk Assessor (TRAQ).  My background is in forestry from Penn State.   I have been involved in Arboriculture for over 28 years in the states of Maryland, Colorado, and now Maine

Since 1986 Hughes Inc. has discussed, diagnosed, appraised, pruned, planted, treated and fertilized trees and shrubs.  Caring for trees has provided an interesting, challenging, and rewarding career! Working with a wide variety of clients, from municipal foresters to individual homeowners provides even greater color, challenge, and rewards.

There is nothing like creating a new landscape from scratch.  When you arrive there is nothing, or maybe by contrast, a heavily overgrown property.  Coming up with a plan, working details out with the client, putting plans into action, and seeing the happy results are a wonderful thing!

Contact Mike Hughes

Contact Mike Hughes

Hughes Inc. Arbor and Land Management
Licensed Arborist
284 US Route 1
Freeport, Maine  04032
Phone: 207-232-4158


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