Middle South Georgia Soil and Water Conservation District

Soil and water conservation districts are a legal subdivision of the state of Georgia. They were created in 1945 and serve selected counties in the state. Georgia’s resource conservation program implements best management practices regarding the administration of its natural resources. Its function is to describe to each conservation district practical guidelines for land development by working with individual land owners, associated agencies and other interested parties.

Conservation Districts serve as the bridge between federal and state resource management agencies and land managers. While natural resource conservation is a national priority, the guiding philosophy of all Conservation Districts is that decisions on conservation problems should be made on the local level, by local people, with technical assistance provided by government. Direct funding for Conservation Districts comes from a variety of sources, including government grants, special projects and others. Federal Assistance is provided through hiring and assigning of technical experts to each District. Private donations and contributions are also made by those individuals, businesses and organizations committed to a cleaner enviromnent like our affiliate members.

Contact Middle South Georgia Soil and Water Conservation District

Contact Middle South Georgia Soil and Water Conservation District

Craig Bevan
District Conservationist
1468 Carpenter Rd S
Tifton, Georgia  31793
Phone: (229) 382-4776
Fax: (855) 803-3868


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Ben Hill County, Georgia
  • Brooks County, Georgia
  • Colquitt County, Georgia
  • Crisp County, Georgia
  • Irwin County, Georgia
  • Terrell County, Georgia
  • Thomas County, Georgia
  • Tift County, Georgia
  • Worth County, Georgia