Middle Republican Natural Resources District

 The Middle Republican Natural Resources District is responsible
for the protection of the natural resources and assists landowners in planning, funding, and applying conservation practices.

The Middle Republican NRD was created with the purpose of conservation and preservation of our natural resources. With this in mind, the MRNRD is involved in many programs relating back to the 12 responsibilities the Nebraska State Legislature charged NRDs with in 1972. Those responsibilities are:

  • erosion prevention and control
  • prevention of damages from flood water and sediment
  • flood prevention and control
  • soil conservation
  • water supply
  • development, management, utilization, and conservation of ground water and surface water
  • pollution control
  • solid waste disposal and drainage
  • drainage improvement and channel rectification
  • fish and wildlife habitat
  • recreational and park facilities
  • forestry and range management

The district works closely with several other federal, state, and local agencies to carry out it's programs. The Natural Resources Conservation Service provides technical support. State funding for cost-share programs is provided by the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources. Local partners include district cities, towns and villages; counties and extension offices.

A Physical Description:
The Middle Republican NRD encompasses most of Frontier, all of Hayes, Hitchcock and Red Willow Counties and the southern third of Lincoln County in southwest Nebraska. The district falls in the middle area of the Republican River Basin.


Contact Middle Republican Natural Resources District

Contact Middle Republican Natural Resources District

Daniel Smith
General Manager
220 Center Ave.
PO Box 81
Curtis, Nebraska  69025-0081
Phone: (800) 873-5613
Fax: (380) 367-4285


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Frontier County, Nebraska