Michael A Blazier
Premier Forestry currently offers hand-planting of bareroot and container loblolly pine and hardwood seedlings in Arkansas, Texas, and Oklahoma.  

Planting container seedlings lets us offer a wide planting timeframe.   Container seedlings survive well even when planted as early as October and as late as April.  This gives you greater flexibility in preparing sites for planting and assurance that your forest gets planted this year.

Our expert staff:
President:  Michael Blazier, Ph.D.
Dr. Blazier has a B.S.F. in Forest Management from Louisiana Tech University, an M.S. in Tree Physiology from Oklahoma State University, and a Ph.D. in Forest Nutrition from Oklahoma State University.  He has conducted research on forest growth in response to seedling type, seedling family, and a variety of seedling planting spacings.

Vice-President:  Brad Osbon
Mr. Osbon has a B.S.F. in Forest Management from Louisiana Tech University.  He has years of experience in planting pine and hardwood seedlings.

Contact Michael A Blazier

Contact Michael A Blazier

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