Meredith Conservation Commission


  • Meredith established the Conservation Commission pursuant to RSA 36-A
  • The Commission is the only Town body specifically charged with protecting natural resources; it provides a focal point within the Town for environmental concerns
  • The Commission is an advisory body, it may offer advice on conservation matters to state and local agencies and boards such as the State Division of Environmental Services, and the Meredith Planning Board, Zoning Board of Adjustment and Board of Selectmen
  • The Commission may act to protect natural resources by acquiring conservation lands and conservation easements for the Town, with the approval of the Selectmen

Major Activities of the Conservation Commission:

“Our natural resources are more than breathtaking; they are fundamental to our long term health and prosperity”.
The Conservation Commission works in many ways to conserve the natural resources in Meredith to help assure they are passed on to future generations while making them available to current residents.

  • Conducts research such as a natural resources inventory, mapping and describing the resources by category such as bodies of water, topography, etc. and keep such records
  • Monitors and manages properties for which responsible including Town owned land and Town held conservation easements
  • Prepares plans and recommendations; such as a management plan for Hamlin
  • Assisting other boards to develop ordinances related to conservation
  • Accepts gifts of money and property in the name of the Town of Meredith subject to the approval of the Selectmen or Town Meeting and manages these lands
  • Acquires conservation and open space lands (in fee or through easement) with the approval of the Selectmen or Town Meeting and then manages and protects such lands
  • Develops and or distributes information to the public to inform about the nature and reasons for a Conservation Commission proposal
  • Reviews and comments on wetland permit applications before the DES Wetlands Bureau
  • Provides assistance to the Planning Board and ZBA on proposed projects within the Town
  • Seeks to work with unofficial bodies concerned about conservation to develop mutually satisfactory goals
  • Keeps accurate records of its meetings and actions

Scheduled Meetings:

The Commission meets the first Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Meredith Community Center, and the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm for work sessions, as needed, at the Community Center.

Contact Meredith Conservation Commission

Contact Meredith Conservation Commission

Meredith, New Hampshire  03253
Phone: (603) 279-4538 ext. #222


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Belknap County, New Hampshire