Meeteetse Conservation District

The goals of the Meeteetse Conservation District are to promote MCD operations, water quality, tree planting, wildlife habitat, range management, and government interaction and cooperation.  A holistic resource management concept/model has been adopted by the MCD Board of Supervisors and will be used to guide the MCD in its future planning, programs and projects.

District Operations Goals:  The MCD is experiencing rapid changes driven by a variety of environmental issues and concerns.  The MCD must be intrinsically involved in addressing these issues and concerns by providing technical assistance and expertise at the local level.  The MCD is committed to implementing conservation and natural resource programs on the ground.

Our goal is to heed local input and involvement in developing programs, to address natural resource management concerns, and to implement programs that improve or enhance the environment within the MCD.

Contact Meeteetse Conservation District

Contact Meeteetse Conservation District

Ginny Davis
District Clerk
910 Park Ave
P.O. Box 237
Meeteetse, Wyoming  82433
Phone: (307) 868-2484
Fax: (307)868-2489


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Park County, Wyoming