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While making buildings more energy efficient is important, building them with low-embodied energy materials represent immediate and far more significant savings of carbon emissions. For instance, the production of Portland cement makes 5% of the carbon emissions worldwide – it is the third largest source of CO2 in the United States.

As a company and as individuals we believe that sustainable building is about responding to the needs of today without damaging the needs of future generations. It is not simply what we do today that will have substantial effect on climate in 50 years, but it is what we do in the next 10 years that will reverse the trend generations from now.

EcoStucco® is a range of natural limestone plasters designed to protect and enhance buildings inside and out. Sustainable alternative to conventional plaster and stucco products, EcoStucco® is made with minimal yet expert preparation.  Once applied, the material naturally hardens and strengthens to convert its own chemistry into calcium carbonate (limestone), ensuring long lasting protection to any structure and in all conditions. Naturally white or tinted with mineral colors, all finishes conceived with EcoStucco® require no painting and remain virtually maintenance-free.

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