McKean Conservation District

The McKean County Conservation District encourages all citizens to adopt a way of life which results in conserving,  protecting and practicing the wise use of our natural resources. 

The McKean County Conservation District will provide leadership, education, and guidance to ensure the wise use and protection of our valuable natural resources.

The McKean County Conservation District was organized at the request of the County residents. The County was declared a District by the board of County Commissioners on August 19, 1959, according to provisions of the Soil Conservation Law of 1945, Act 217 of the General Assembly, as amended. This Act gives districts broad powers to provide services, employ and manage staff, charge fees for services, own and manage property, and authorizes Commonwealth agencies (including Counties) to cooperate with the District in carrying out programs.

The primary goal of the District is the development, improvement and conservation of the County’s soil, water and related resources as well as educating the community on various conservation and environmental practices and methods.

Contact McKean Conservation District

Contact McKean Conservation District

Sandy Thompson
District Manager
17137 Route 6
Smethport, Pennsylvania  16749
Phone: (814) 887-4001
Fax: (814) 887-3234


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • McKean County, Pennsylvania