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We specialize in creative solutions to conflicts between development and conservation of endangered species, wetlands, and sensitive habitats. Our team has expertise in mitigation strategies, processing local entitlements for land development projects, and influencing state and federal policies affecting land use. Our approach takes advantage of new and developing initiatives in regional resource management. We focus upon solutions that recognize private property rights and strive for resolutions that are cooperative, practical, responsible, and in the best interests of all affected parties.

In the 1980s while serving as Deputy Secretary for Resources and Chief Deputy Director for the California Department of Fish and Game, Mike proposed California's first statewide wetland mitigation banking guidelines. In private practice in the 1990s, he facilitated the adoption of the first state and national policies for the creation of conservation banks. Prior to state service, Mike worked as an environmental scientist on the proposed Alaska gas pipeline and prepared environmental documents for energy projects.

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