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MAYES | WILSON & ASSOCIATES guides land trusts, conservation groups, and landowners in identifying desired conservation outcomes, prioritizing actions, and achieving conservation goals. The team’s expertise and commitment to conservation helps non-profit clients resolve complex land transaction issues; build strategic conservation plans; develop steady conservation funding streams, and build connections with a variety of individuals, agencies, and organizations as project partners.

The team at MAYES | WILSON & ASSOCIATES will challenge organizations to think practically, pragmatically, and creatively to achieve big conservation dreams. In addition, the firm offers a broad range of conservation services to landowners, developers, and companies to create profitable projects that also have meaningful conservation impacts. We assist for-profit groups in working effectively with local conservation groups and agencies to identify mutually beneficial outcomes; developing conservation plans and benchmarks; creating protected areas that offset development; and navigating the conservation easement process.

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Contact Mayes, Wilson & Associates

Sara Wilson
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