Matrix New World Engineering, Inc.
Matrix New World Engineering, Inc.
is an award-winning full service environmental, geotechnical, and civil engineeringfirm. Founded in 1990, we are a woman owned business long recognized as a leader in providing multi-disciplinary solutions to a wide variety of projects including site development, infrastructure, environmental and engineering studies, and property redevelopment.

Two Decades of Investistigation and Remediation
Over the past two decades, Matrix's innovation, responsiveness, and creativity in delivering project services has clearly been recognized by our clients and industry. The success that defines Matrix is characterized by cost controls, completion of a quality work product, compliance with regulatory standards, and timely delivery. As a result, our client, professional, and subcontracting relationships span many projects and years.

Diverse Client Base
Our diverse client base includes commercial and industrial properties, architects and engineers on large transportation and infrastructure projects, Federal, state and local agencies, and large multi-national corporations.

Cooperation and Respect
Convergent behavior is our guiding principle. By that, we mean that our greatest successes occur when engineering and environmental issues are resolved within a cooperative atmosphere that emphasizes the importance of respect for all participants, while focusing on shared goals and defined end points.

A Proven Holistic Approach
Establishing a value-consensus promotes cooperation and
expedites the engineering design process. Matrix's proven holistic approach to projects creates added value for our clients, because it not only promotes a more cost-effective assessment, but also addresses the desire of all stakeholders and the public for visible, beneficial, and permanent solutions.

Contact Matrix New World Engineering, Inc.

Contact Matrix New World Engineering, Inc.

Lawrence Malizzi, PG
Vice President
26 Columbia Turnpike, 2nd Floor
Florham Park, New Jersey  07932
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