Mason Valley Conservation District

Natural Resource Priorities and Goals:

  • Improve the condition of all natural resources (water, air, soil, vegetation and animal) – provide landowners with financial and technical assistance to increase water resource quantity and quality through river channel maintenance and bank stabilization; reduce nonpoint source pollution; reduce energy demands; develop alternative energy sources; reduce fire potential; assist the City of Yerington with channel capacity enhancement project and improve grazing management; participate in sage grouse and other species of concern functions; provide technical assistance wherever possible; provide assistance to land planning agencies
  • Invasive and Noxious Weeds – MVCD in partnership with the Walker River Basin Cooperative Weed Management Area will continue a comprehensive noxious weed inventory, mapping and management on the Walker River and its tributaries; inventory and treat noxious weeds in Northern Nevada; and assist private landowners with noxious weed management
  • Conservation Education – coordinate Walker River Basin Workdays for Mason and Smith Valleys; continue noxious weed education efforts; and provide natural resource education at every opportunity 
  • Retired Farmland Protection – provide development and implementation of retired farmland restoration plans to those landowners/managers requesting assistance, create native seed harvesting program


Contact Mason Valley Conservation District

Contact Mason Valley Conservation District

215 Bridge St.
Yerington, Nevada  89447
Phone: (775) 463-2265 x106


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Lyon County, Nevada