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The Martin Soil and Water Conservation District(SWCD) was organized in 1951 by the residents of Martin County under the provision of Florida "Soil and Water Conservation Law" Chapter 582, enacted by the State legislature in 1937. The district was organized for the purpose of developing and carrying out conservation for Florida's soil and water resources.

The SWCD works in cooperation with Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services(DACS) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture(USDA) to administer the best management practices that will bring about best use of land with in its boundaries. The USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service(NRCS), is able to assist individuals, groups and units of government within Martin County through the SWCD. NRCS provides the services of an Agricultural Mobile Irrigation Lab to assist the agriculture community in the evaluation of irrigation systems.

The district adopts a long-range plan, 5 year plan, outlining the general soil and water conservation and resource objectives, which it implements through the use of services, facilities and funds that federal, state and local county sources may provide. The Board of County Commissioners of Martin County provide office space, utilities, janitorial service, and phone service. This support enables the district to insure the continuation and quality of the program.

The District is governed by a board of five locally elected supervisors. Supervisors are non-salaried public officials with an interest in the proper use and conservation of soil, water and other natural resources in order to benefit the people of the district and the state.

Agriculture plays a major role in Martin County's economy. The District's agricultural program currently includes the conservation planning and application, efficient irrigation water management, water control systems, water quality and quantity, pasture and range management, wildlife management, and soil erosion control. They encourage landowners to use Best Management Practices, such as irrigation water management, which helps conserve water resources, improves agricultural runoff, and helps to maintain water quality. These goals are met through assisting landowners in producing a Conservation Plan for their property.

The Agricultural Mobile Irrigation Lab(MIL) has been a highly regarded program, whereby local agricultural irrigation systems are evaluated for efficiency, free of charge. This program not only saves a tremendous amount of water, it also saves the owners/operators money and enables them to produce a better product.

Conservation education is also an important part of the District program. Youth are given the opportunity to learn about conservation of natural resources through annual public speaking contest. The Indian River Lagoon Envirothon is another program that the District participates. Other counties participating in the Envirothon include St. Lucie, Okeechobee, and Indian River. The Envirothon gives students a chance to come up with practical solutions to environmental concerns.


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