Markegard Family Grass-Fed
Markegard Family Grass-Fed is owned and operated by Erik and Doniga Markegard. Markegard Family Grass-Fed provides the community with pastured, locally born, raised and processed meat and eggs through a community supported agriculture program where individuals and families purchase shares of grass-finished steers or lamb and participate in a weekly or monthly buying club.

Markegard Family Grass-Fed Gift Certificates now available for beef and eggs!

Email us to place your order. We will deliver to your door orders $100 or more (in San Mateo County only)
  • Our ranch is pesticide and chemical fertilizer free
  • Our cattle and sheep are never grain fed or given synthetic hormones or antibiotics
  • Chickens are fed organic grains to supplement pasture forage
  • No genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
  • Raised on a family ranch
  • Cattle are not put in feedlots
  • Fed only the forage the range provides
  • Our grazing methods improve the biodiversity of the land
Our philosophy in grazing is to manage the cattle herd to simulate the large herds of Elk and Antelope which once roamed California’s grasslands. We accomplish this by keeping the herd moving through rotational grazing, so as never to overgraze an area, but to stimulate growth and grass-land health through properly timed grazing. Watershed Stewardship is at the forefront of our management practices.

Contact Markegard Family Grass-Fed

Contact Markegard Family Grass-Fed

20080 Cabrillo Hwy S
Half Moon Bay, California  94019
Phone: (650) 747-0205
Cell Phone: (650) 670-7984


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • San Mateo County, California