Mandela Foods Cooperative (Mandela Marketplace)

Mandela Marketplace's core values establish the foundation of our organization's culture, guide how we interact with each other and our community, how we set goals, establishing measurements, and solve problems. 


West Oakland is a diverse community of about 25,000 residents with a rich history and tremendous potential for economic and neighborhood revitalization. Despite a deep-seated commitment to improve the quality of life for themselves and their neighbors, community members still suffer from some of the highest rates of unemployment, poverty, and diet related disease in the County.

Compared to a white child born in the Oakland Hills, an African- American child born in West Oakland is seven times more likely to be born into poverty and is expected to live 15 years less. Living in a neighborhood where liquor stores and fast food restaurants far outnumber healthy food outlets, children bear the burden of a lifetime of elevated risk of diet related disease.

Mandela MarketPlace cultivates community-directed strategies to address these critical health and wealth gaps. Using a network of food-based enterprises, Mandela has already had a profound impact, creating successful social enterprise businesses in grocery-retail, prepared foods, wholesale distribution, and in nutrition education and youth development. One of our major goals is to create opportunity for existing and long-time residents to culturally, economically and socially benefit from the changes happening in their community and neighborhoods.

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