Main Street Trees
Main Street Trees is a small urban family tree farm within the town of Napa. We grow locally sourced natives such as live oaks and valley oaks, interesting and useful plants such as bamboo, fruiting trees and vines such as apples, peaches, citrus and raspberries. We use local soil and a unique type of porous growing container that promotes excellent root systems and transplants easily to your garden.

For our native trees, by gathering seeds from Napa and Sonoma Counties’ beautiful and healthy older trees and then growing them in local native soil, with natural soil flora and climate, we are making available products that flourish in our region.
We use a unique porous container that minimizes the cutting of large roots when dug from the field, and nearly eliminates the unwanted circling of the roots that is common in plastic container-grown trees. The above-ground growing, in these felt-like containers, keeps the roots from getting hot due to the cooling qualities of evaporation, and the fabric self-prunes the roots.

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2751 Beard Road
Napa, California  94558
Phone: 707-257-2783


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