Magothy Bay Natural Area Preserve


This 286-acre preserve encompasses woodlands, forested wetlands and extensive salt marshes. These communities provide habitat for a variety of coastal species. Waterfowl, shorebirds and wading birds forage in the salt marsh for mussel, snails, fish and crustaceans. Diamondback terrapins and clapper rails are common on the mud flats. The woodlands provide excellent resting and foraging habitat for migratory songbirds. Warblers, orioles and other migratory songbirds utilize the abundance of trees and shrubs to rest and replenish energy reserves before crossing the Chesapeake Bay.

Approximately 140 acres of former agricultural fields have been converted to migratory songbird habitat.


The preserve has a designated parking area and is open to the public. There are two walking trails. One loops through the new migratory songbird habitat. The other goes through the songbird habitat, into the existing forest and out to the dike overlooking the marsh along Magothy Bay.

Part or all of the preserve may be periodically closed for resource management activities. Please call before visiting.

Contact Magothy Bay Natural Area Preserve

Contact Magothy Bay Natural Area Preserve

Dot Field, Eastern Shore Region Steward
Department of Conservation and Recreation, Division of Natural Heritage
Phone: (757) 787-5989


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  • Northampton County, Virginia