Madison County SWCD

providing leadership in conservation and development of our natural resources. The District’s purpose is to create a better environment for all people of Madison County by sponsoring and promoting a sound program for the protection, development, and conservation of our land, water, woodland, and wildlife and all related resources.

The Madison County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) is a locally organized sub division of the State of Alabama. The District has the responsibility of developing a conservation program directed at solving soil, water and related natural resources in Madison County. The District carries out this program by assisting land-users to plan, apply and maintain appropriate land use and conservation measures.

The Madison County SWCD provides various programs funded by federal, state, local, and stakeholder entities. The District strives to provide solutions that are most beneficial to natural resources as well as landowners. The programs are designed to invoke a harmonious balance between humans and natural resources.

The Madison County Soil and Water Conservation District is governed by five landowners comprising a District Board of Supervisors. The Governor of Alabama through the Alabama Soil and Water Conservation Committee appoints each district supervisor. These supervisors serve to protect and preserve our resources and receive no salaries for their services. This Board provides direction for local programs and ensures that the District staff fulfills its primary mission of working with landowners to install Best Management Practices (BMP's) to control erosion, protect water quality and provide other measures necessary to enhance and protect the environment.

Contact Madison County SWCD

Contact Madison County SWCD

Kathy Walker
District Administrative Coordinator
1300 Meridian St.
Suite 23-D
Madison, Alabama  35801
Phone: (256) 532-1692 ext 3
Fax: (256) 539-6484


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Services provided in:
  • Madison County, Alabama