M. Keith Boyles

Much of our value resides in our 2.7 million acres of timberland – a renewable resource that generates cash flow and historically has appreciated faster than inflation. Our knowledge of land and how to maximize its return carries over to our Real Estate business as demographics and population growth increase property values above those of timberlands.

More than 85 years of expertise in advanced cellulosic chemistry and decades-long customer relationships are the basis of our leadership in the cellulose specialties products, used in customized applications such as filtration, food, pharmaceuticals and LCD screens. Today approximately 50 percent of our sales are to international customers in nearly 20 countries.

forest-resources-thumbnail.jpg Forest Resources
As one of the largest private landowners in the U.S., we own, lease or manage approximately 2.7 million acres of working forests in the U.S and New Zealand to supply timber to a wide variety of markets including pulp, paper, lumber, renewable energy production and other wood products.
performance-fiber-thumbnail.jpg Performance Fibers
Rayonier's high-purity cellulose specialties are derived from wood chips that have been processed into custom pulps that meet rigorous individual client specifications. These products are used in the manufacture of many everyday products including filters, LCD screens, food products and pharmaceuticals.
real-estate-thumbnail.jpg Real Estate
At Rayonier, we evaluate each acre of our timberland to determine its greatest potential and highest and best use. In some cases, land that was once best suited for growing timber is now more valuable for residential, industrial, commercial or conservation use. Our real estate subsidiary provides added value by entitling or selling these properties.

REIT Structure
Rayonier is structured as a real estate investment trust and our stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol RYN. Historically, our strong stock performance has served shareholders well, with substantial appreciation and nine dividend increases in the last eleven years.  Our current dividend is $1.96 per share.

Contact M. Keith Boyles

Contact M. Keith Boyles

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