Lower Grand River Land Trust

What is a Land Trust?

A land trust is a registered charitable non-profit organization that is directly involved in helping to protect natural, scenic, agricultural and/or historic property.

While the individual goals of land trusts may differ, most land trusts share the following goals and characteristics:

  • protect and manage areas of natural, cultural and historical value
  • secure and protect heritage sites through conservation tools or programs to cooperate with landowners
  • are non-governmental, operating for the public benefit
  • are community supported through memberships, donations and volunteer involvement.

How do land trusts work?

In Canada, many volunteer-based land trusts are working to protect lands with a variety of naturally or culturally significant features and habitats.

Large areas of land are being protected through:

  • acquisition
  • conservation easements
  • education
  • promotion of good land stewardship
  • working with landowners

Contact Lower Grand River Land Trust

Contact Lower Grand River Land Trust

Marilynn Havelka
Chief Administrative Officer
243 Haldimand Hwy. #54
Box 610
Cayuga, Ontario  N0A 1E0
Phone: (905) 772-0560
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