Louisiana Firewise program
The Louisiana Firewise program is dedicated to reducing or eliminating the number of homes lost during a wildfire event.

In the past ten years Louisiana has seen more and more homes lost due to wildland fire. During the months of August and September of 2000, eight Louisiana families lost their homes and nearly 100 outbuildings were destroyed along the Wildland Urban Interface (homes and buildings built along the edge of woodlands) across the state. More than 30 homes have been destroyed since 1990.

Through a cooperative effort involving homeowners, community leaders, rural volunteer fire departments, US Forest Service, Rural Community Development, and the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry, rural homeowners and communities are learning what they can do to prevent home ignitions during wildland fire events. Our goal is to make every rural homeowner firewise and award the Firewise USA Community distinction to communities throughout our great state.

The Louisiana Firewise program is provided through USFS funds and is coordinated through the Forestry Office within the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry.

Please contact us if you would like to schedule a Louisiana Firewise meeting or activity for your community or if we can provide more information.

Contact Louisiana Firewise program

Contact Louisiana Firewise program

Don Smith
Forest Protection Chief
P.O. Box 1628
Baton Rouge, Louisiana  70821
Phone: 225-925-4500
Fax: 225-922-1356


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