Longmont Conservation District

Conservation Districts help landowners and operators develop conservation plans which include grazing and cropping systems, irrigation water management, rangeland improvements and tree planting to prevent another Dust Bowl.

The District Supervisors have identified five natural resource priorities and goals;

  1. Water Quality
    Our goals are to promote conservation tillage practices to keep soil loss at a minimum and water quality at its highest, to work with producers to promote the use of cover crops on fallow and highly tilled ground, and work with municipalities to understand their runoff issues.
  2. Water Quantity
    The goals are to work with ditch companies to provide information on water use to landowners with property along ditches, provide information to new and prospective landowners on water conservation and to provide support for increased water storage and better irrigation water management practices.
  3. Land Use
    Our goals for this priority are to provide education to landowners and the general public on good neighbor policy for differing practices of all types of production agriculture, assist landowners with the purchase of seedling trees for erosion protection and provide them information on how to plant and what species to plant and continue meeting with the County Commissioners to provide input on agriculture issues in Boulder and Weld Counties.
  4. Integrated Pest Management
    Our goals for this priority are to eradicate Mediterranean Sage in Boulder County, provide cost-share to landowners to control noxious weeds in fence rows and irrigation ditches on their property, educate landowners on a variety of controls for noxious weeds and support landowner rights to manage the prairie dog population that advances on private property.
  5. Conservation Education
    The goals for this priority are to present education programs on water resource issues, expand the agriculture expo for fourth grade students and provide conservation education to new landowners on what it means to live on acreage.

Contact Longmont Conservation District

Contact Longmont Conservation District

Nancy McIntyre
District Manager
9595 Nelson Road
Box D
Longmont, Colorado  80501
Phone: 303-776-4034 Ext 3


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Boulder County, Colorado
  • Larimer County, Colorado
  • Weld County, Colorado