Logoly Natural Area
Logoly Natural Area, located in the Coastal Plain, Columbia County, is used intensively for environmental education and contains various natural communities representative of south-central Arkansas. Forests of both pines and hardwoods are included. Some of the loblolly pines are very large. The area features several springs along with an assemblage of increasingly scarce plant species that are restricted to spring environments. American beech dominates the moist ravines on the property, and the beech-drops that grow parasitically on their roots are especially abundant. The natural area is contained within Logoly State Park and is managed jointly with Arkansas State Parks. Three interpretive trails exist on the natural area. Magnesia Springs Trail is .25 miles and leads to the historic Magnesia Springs. Spring Branch Trail is 2 miles and leads visitors by the Spring Branch Creek and over the rolling hills of the West Gulf Coastal Plain. Crane Fly Trail is .75 miles and leads visitors past a small pond and several woodland streams. An observation deck extends into the southern edge of the pond and gives visitors an opportunity to get a closer look at the pond ecosystem.

Hunting is prohibited on this natural area.

The natural area is located within Logoly State Park six miles north of Magnolia. It can be reached by turning east on Logoly Road off U.S. Highway 79 at the McNeil junction.

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