Little Beaver Creek Land Foundation

The Little Beaver Creek Land Foundation (LBCLF) is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit environmental organization that was founded in 1993.

to preserve and protect the Little Beaver Creek watershed for future generations.

We aim to realize this mission through land acquisition and conservation easements, citizen education, and other environmental management activities that help to protect sensitive habitats and species.

The LBCLF works solely in the Little Beaver Creek watershed, a 323,160 acre watershed in northeastern Ohio that extends into Western Pennsylvania. Most of the LBC watershed lies within Columbiana County, Ohio. To date, the LBCLF has worked with its watershed partners to protect 4,343 acres in the watershed, through outright purchase, donation, or conservation easements. Most of the acreage that is protected is riparian corridor.

Contact Little Beaver Creek Land Foundation

Contact Little Beaver Creek Land Foundation

Lisa Butch
Watershed Coordinator
130 Maple St.
Lisbon, Ohio  44432
Phone: (330) 420-9507
Fax: (330) 424-0577


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