Lingle-Fort Laramie Conservation District

The Lingle-Fort Laramie Conservation District (LFLCD) is one of 34 districts in Wyoming organized to provide leadership in the wise and sustained use of the natural resources. This district was organized in 1946 and currently works with approximately 300 agricultural units encompassing over 500,000 acres. District programs address concerns related to soil and water, cropland, range, woodlots, pastures, hayland, and natural resource needs of the communities and urban areas.

Renew the natural resources that will allow users to live in harmony with their environment.  This vision will commit the district to the following:

  • Implementation of natural resource programs that address physical Biological, and human elements. Promote positive changes in the resources that provide economic and Natural resource benefits to all parties involved.
  • Use social and natural science research to enhance objective decision-making.
  • Ensure positive impacts on future generations.
  • Encourage collaborative efforts between the private and public sectors.
  • Serve as natural resource counselors and/or mentors for the entire district.

to provide leadership for stewardship programs in natural resources satisfying current needs, yet renewing the environment for future generations. In support of this mission the district will:

  • Develop a comprehensive approach to resource management.
  • Monitor the effects of technology that address production of food and fiber.
  • Develop working relationships with other agencies, organizations, and Interested publics.
  • Develop and implement collaborative programs representing public involvement and decision-making.

Contact Lingle-Fort Laramie Conservation District

Contact Lingle-Fort Laramie Conservation District

Denise Lucero
District Assistant
1441 East M
Suite B
Torrington, Wyoming  82240-3512
Phone: (307) 532-4880
Fax: (307) 532-5783


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Goshen County, Wyoming