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LightWave Solar Electric LLC designs and installs turn-key solar electric (photovoltaic) systems throughout Davidson County/Nashville and the state of Tennessee.  In business since July 2006, LightWave Solar Electric is a system integrator-from design through installation and commissioning.  With a state electrical license, four NABCEP certifications, and extensive and ongoing training in PV design and installation, we are uniquely qualified to provide a fully functional, professionally installed system that will make you proud!  

To date, we have installed 58 solar PV systems, representing nearly 500 kW of installed PV power. 

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Solar power in Tennessee is making a difference! Photovoltaic (Solar PV) systems in homes, business, schools, and industrial and commercial facilities are generating power in and around Nashville and throughout Tennessee every day. This reduces our nation's dependence on coal and foreign oil and reduces carbon emissions. Solar also makes contributions to peak power loads, transmission and distribution overloading and congestion, polluting emissions, and water conservation. 

As a result of combing forces in all sectors—for-profit companies, state and federal governments, non-profit organizations and private individuals—Tennessee is positioned as the next nationally-recognized solar industry leader.  Within the next couple of years, Hemlock Semiconductor and Wacker plan to build polysilicon production facilities in Clarksville and Bradley County, respectively.  Polysilicon is a key raw material used to manufacture solar cells and semiconductor devices.  Each plant expects to employ more than 500 people, and the constructions are expected to employ thousands more over the next few years.

In addition, Governor Bredeson has launched a solar initiative that includes the Tennessee Solar Institute housed at Oak Ridge National Lab in conjunction with UT-Knoxville.  The Solar Institute will focus on research and economic development to improve solar product affordability and efficiency.  The initiative also includes a 5 MW Solar Farm near Brownsville in West Tennessee that will serve as a demonstration tool for educational and research purposes.

As the leading solar PV installer in the Nashville, Tennessee area, LightWave Solar Electric LLC looks forward to the results of these recent developments—job creation and more clean, local energy.     

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