Lewis & Clark Conservation District

The Lewis & Clark Conservation District is located in Lewis & Clark County, Montana. Encompassing parts of the East Front of the Rocky Mountains and range and crop lands of the Montana plains, the District assists large and small acreage landowners with their management concerns.

The mission of the Lewis & Clark Conservation District is to provide leadership in the conservation and wise use of soil, water, and related resources.

Conservation Districts in Montana utilize locally-led and largely non-regulatory approaches to successfully address general natural resource issues. CDs have a decades-long history of conserving our state's resources by helping local people match their needs with technical and financial resources, thereby getting good conservation practices on the ground to the benefit of all Montanans.

The Lewis & Clark Conservation District belongs to the Montana Association of Conservation Districts. This Association works as an information clearinghouse and also deals with state and national legislative issues that affect the Districts in Montana. For MACD's latest newsletter, please check their website.

The Lewis & Clark Conservation District has an elected Board of Supervisors. In 1997, the District formally divided into seven supervisor areas with one Supervisor from each area.

Currently, the Board of Supervisors consists of:

Chairman, Stan Frasier of the south Helena Valley; Vice Chair, Scott Blackman of the Craig area; members, Ron Schatz of North Helena Valley, Gary Murphy of the Wolf Creek/Dearborn River area, Stephen Granzow of East Helena Valley, Bob Bushnell of the Lincoln Area and Mike Cobb of the Augusta area.

The Helena Field Office for the Natural Resources Conservation Service has three staff members, Mindy Gauthier-District Conservationist, and Rob Krause-Soil Con. Technician. We also have an Engineer in the office who is Area-based, his name is Michael Stoeber.


Contact Lewis & Clark Conservation District

Contact Lewis & Clark Conservation District

Chris Evans
District Administrator
790 Colleen Street
Helena, Montana  59601-9713
Phone: (406) 449-5000 ext 112
Fax: (406) 449-5039


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Lewis And Clark County, Montana