The goal of the Levy Soil and Water Conservation District is to solve local natural resource problems with quality technical services. Educate and serve residents of Levy County to gain a better understanding of local environmental concerns and what can be done to protect and conserve the County’s limited natural resources.
The Levy Soil and Water Conservation District is an elected board of five supervisors that oversees a local grassroots program dealing with soil conservation, water conservation, and other natural resources issues.
The district has been actively promoting soil and water conservation since 1946. District supervisors are nonpartisan, elected locally, and serve under the provisions of Chapter 582 of the Florida Statutes.
Broad based conservation programs delivered through the cooperation of the USDA, the District, and the State are vital to the protection of our natural resources, economic stability and well-being of our Nation

Contact Levy SWCD

Contact Levy SWCD

Tara Maillard
625 N Hathaway Ave
Bronson, Florida  32621
Phone: 352-486-2672
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