Lessard - Sams Conservation Partners Legacy Grants

The Request for Proposal (RFP) for FY 2010 LSCPL grants will be posted in late August, 2009. Applications will be accepted year-round; however applications must be received by November 3, 2009 to be considered for the first round of funding. The first round of grants will be selected by December 15, 2009. Grantees will have until June 30, 2012, to complete their work.

More information will be posted as this program is developed.

This is the Outdoor Heritage Conservation Partners Grant Program recommended by the Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council (LSOHC) to, and approved by, the 2009 Minnesota Legislature.

Program Purpose: To provide competitive, matching grants to local, regional, state, and national organizations, including government, for enhancement, restoration, or protection of forests, wetlands, prairies, and habitat for fish, game, or wildlife in Minnesota.

Funding for this grant program is from the Outdoor Heritage Fund created by the Minnesota legislature to receive 33 percent of the sales tax revenues resulting from the constitutional amendment passed by the voters in the November 2008 election. 

Eligible Projects: Restoration and Enhancement projects will consist of activities that restore or enhance habitat for fish, game, or wildlife on lands permanently protected by conservation easement or public ownership.

Protection projects maintain the ability of habitat and related natural systems to sustain fish, game or wildlife through acquisition of fee title or conservation easements.  Land acquired in fee must be open to public hunting and fishing during open seasons.

Who may apply: Local, regional, state, and national organizations, including government. Applicants must have a valid email address and computer capable of reading MS Word and Excel documents, and internet access.

Level of Assistance: Up to 90% of total eligible costs. A 10% non-state cash or in-kind match is required from all grantees, and must be identified at the time of application.

General Information:

  • A total of $4,000,000 was appropriated for this program.  There is $3,740,000 available to organizations for grant projects, and $260,000 is available to DNR for administering the program. 
  • The maximum grant available is $400,000.
  • For the first round of grants, $1,870,000 is available to fund grant applications requesting up to $125,000.  The remaining $1,870,000 is for grant applications requesting $125,000 to $400,000.
  • This is a reimbursement program. The organization must do or have done the work and pay expenses before they can be reimbursed from the state.
  • Organizations must be able to fund 10% of the total project costs from non-state sources.
    • These matching funds can be in the form of documented cash, volunteer labor, and in-kind contributions of materials, equipment, and services.
    • Matching funds must be identified when the grant application is submitted.
  • Organizations that want to work on public lands must discuss their project with the appropriate public land manager and receive that land manager’s approval prior to submitting an application. 
  • Organizations who want to work on private lands under permanent conservation easement must have their project reviewed by a natural resources professional. 
  • Protection projects must also be reviewed by a public land manager or by a natural resources professional.
  • Proof of the public land manager’s review or approval must be submitted with the grant application. 
  • The Commissioner of Natural Resources must approve all funded projects.

How to Apply: Applications will be accepted via an online, electronic system starting in September, 2009.

Information for Grant Applicants: Many of the requirements for this grant program are based on recommendations by the Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council (LSOHC) to and approved by the 2009 Minnesota Legislature. These requirements were incorporated into the DNRs Conservation Partners Grant Program Accomplishment Plan as approved by the LSOHC. Links to both the legislation and the Accomplishment Plan are provided below.

Contact Lessard - Sams Conservation Partners Legacy Grants

Contact Lessard - Sams Conservation Partners Legacy Grants

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