Lemhi Soil and Water Conservation District

The district encompasses about 2,749,000 acres with around 240,000 acres in private ownership. The population is around 8,000 making this a very rural area. Main industries include agriculture, mainly livestock operations, recreation, and some mining.

First projects of the Lemhi SWCD included soil surveys, developing conservation plans for landowners, land leveling and irrigation improvements and rock rip rapping on the Salmon, Lemhi and Salmon North Fork rivers. These basic steps resulted in better water management, erosion control, and improved agricultural production.

Setting high standards for conservation of the natural resources within the District and assisting local landowners in improving soil and water practices on private lands.

Contact Lemhi Soil and Water Conservation District

Contact Lemhi Soil and Water Conservation District

Becky Coffey
Administrative Assistant
945 Riverfront Dr.
Salmon, Idaho  83467
Phone: (208) 756-3211


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Lemhi County, Idaho