Lee Stephens, Esq.

Sometimes you meet someone who loves their profession – from tree surgeons to brain surgeons – and you can simply feel their enthusiasm for their craft.  

Lee Stephens doesn’t simply possess an acute knowledge of the law, he combines this knowledge with an acute enthusiasm for his craft and a love of his native Virginia. 

Lee Stephens founded his law firm as one of the few in Virginia devoted to the practice of conservation easements because it combined these various loves.  Admitted to practice law in Virginia in 1987, Lee has worked in this area in depth since 2005.  He follows tax court cases very carefully and is well known in the circles of Virginia’s land conservation leadership.

Lee’s reputation for strategic thinking and methodical work plans have earned him the respect from lawyers statewide.  These lawyers know that when they have a tough conservation easement case, they can count on Lee to effectively represent their clients.  

Lee grew up in Irvington and, not long after his stint as a US Naval intelligence officer, he and his wife Jarrett raised their two boys in the town. A graduate of Woodberry Forest School, University of Virginia and William and Mary College law school, Lee has his hand full just getting to class reunions, traveling with Jarrett to visit their sons and dealing with the local boat mechanic. 

Contact Lee Stephens, Esq.

Contact Lee Stephens, Esq.

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