Lawrence Conservation District

Located on the western border of South Dakota in the northern Black Hills, the Lawrence Conservation District encompasses a variety of landscapes, from timbered mountains to prairie grazing land, from fast moving streams and waterfalls to irrigated crops, from open pit mining to small vegetable farms.

As the agency tasked with oversight of the county's natural resources, the Lawrence Conservation District is proud to assist residents with their stewardship efforts.  The district also maintains strong partnerships with other agencies and organizations who  work to protect the environment.

Officially organized on July 12, 1941, the district will be celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2016.  In its early years the district concentrated on spring development projects, weed control, construction of dams for livestock water, crop and grass rotation and controlled grazing.  Today the district continues to work with agricultural producers, but also looks at broader issues such as water quality concerns at the watershed level, mining reclamation, urban/rural interface, and soil and forestry health. 

The Lawrence County Soil Conservation has many activities happening within the county. The five members that make up the Board of Supervisors are elected by county ballot to serve on this board. Each Supervisor holds a four year term. The Supervisors represent the landowners and residents in both the rural and urban areas. The Lawrence Conservation District is set up by South Dakota Law.

The District has a tree planting program which includes selling and planting of young seedlings. The conservation trees and shrubs are sold for planting in shelter belts, windbreaks, living snow fences, and wildlife plots. We also have a weed cultivation program for shelter belts. Assistance is available for planning a tree plot by calling the office.

Education and information is communicated to all landowners through several programs and projects to educate the public about conservation of natural resources and enhancing the environment. We work closely with ranchers in the area for proper grazing systems, water developments, croplands, erosion concerns and other related practices. Lawrence County Conservation works with watershed programs enhancing protection of water quality, and with schools and others for promoting conservation of natural resources

Contact Lawrence Conservation District

Contact Lawrence Conservation District

Sarah Eggebo
District Conservationist
1140 North Main St.
Suite 8
Spearfish, South Dakota  57783-1596
Phone: (605) 642-3590
Fax: (605) 642-7713


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