Lassen County Special Weed Action Team (SWAT)

Outreach Summary:


  • Perennial Pepperweed brochure
  • Yellow Starthistle brochure
  • Scotch Thistle brochure
  • Spotted Knapweed brochure
  • Flyer called Stop the spread of noxious weeds


  • Booths at Lassen County Fair and Chico State University Agricultural Day, where WMA representatives teach 900 children about puncture vine seeds
  • Hosts annual noxious weed awareness field trips with local third grade classes
  • The Agricultural Commissioner offers continuing education classes about weed identification and treatment for adults through Lassen Community College
  • The UC Cooperative Extension office leads field trips for the agricultural community
  • The WMA conducts a week of publicity events to promote the use of 2 insect biocontrol agents for puncturevine. The biocontrol insects will be given out for free at the end of the week


  • Lots of radio and local newspaper coverage.


  • Selected Noxious Weeds of Northeastern California, A Field Identification Guide (book).

Project Highlights:

  • Seasonal work crew project
    • The WMA was awarded a National Fish and Wildlife Foundation grant that, with the help of additional funding, has supported a two-person crew that works out of the BLM Eagle Lake Field Office. The crew spends the weed control season working with various organizations throughout Lassen County to aid a variety of weed control projects.
  • Lassen County tall whitetop removal
    • Throughout Lassen County, 64,000 acres of Tall whitetop (aka perennial pepperweed) exist. In addition to wetlands, the plant occupies drier areas from roadsides to mountain tops. The Lassen County Noxious Weed SWAT Team used hand-pulling and herbicides to control tall whitetop along 7 miles of rivers. Many native plants returned to the control areas naturally, and some reseeding was done as well. Children from 4-H groups were involved as well, and they went to Washington, DC to learn more about tall whitetop and to educate others at a convention.
  • Carson Wandering Skipper Protection Project
    • Tall whitetop is being controlled and managed on 200 acres in the Amedee wetlands with the goal of protecting habitat for the Carson wandering skipper, Pseudocopaeodes eunus obscurus, an endangered butterfly. Project partners include the Bureau of Land Management, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Lassen County, Honey Lake RCD, Honey Lake Conservation Team, California Department of Fish and Game, and California Department of Food and Agriculture.

Contact Lassen County Special Weed Action Team (SWAT)

Contact Lassen County Special Weed Action Team (SWAT)

Carolyn Gibbs
Bureau of Land Management, Eagle Lake Field Office
2950 Riverside Drive
Susanville, California  96130
Phone: 530-252-5325


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Lassen County, California