Lance L. Christensen, CF

Forest Management
We provide forest management services including management plan preparation, forest inventory, road plans, growth and yield projections, and special projects. We also cruise timber, mark and map harvest boundaries, run logging profiles, and mark thinning corridors for timber harvest units. Following harvest, we can audit utilization and soil disturbance.

We provide professional and technical services for many silviculture activities, including tree planting, biomass inventory, pre-commercial thinning, vegetation control, commercial thinning, fertilization, forest diseases, noble fir bough production, vegetation assessments, snag and large woody debris inventory, and pruning. We perform unit layout and traversing, collect pre treatment data, work with contractors performing silvicultural tasks, collect and summarize data to assess the project, and report the results.

GIS (Geographical Information System) and GPS
We have a computer workstation running ESRI ArcGIS and Spatial Analyst and can perform many GIS tasks, from producing simple maps to detailed GIS analysis. We can combine topographic and vegetation information to develop view sheds for home sites and roadways. We can create custom map layers by digitizing or using GPS. We have ESRI ArcPad and Trimble Terrasync running on handheld field computers with a GPS and can create and edit GIS data in the field. We can also use LiDAR data to create DEMs (digital elevation models) and elevation contour layers. We have access to aerial and satellite imagery that can be used to delineate forest/vegetation types and to edit map features.

Forestry Research
We have experience installing, measuring, and treating research plots for a variety of projects including fertilization, regeneration, biomass, special forest products, vegetation management, pruning, soil disturbance, and reforestation. We can also install and maintain various types of weather stations. We manage and summarize data using databases, spreadsheets, statistical software, and custom data summary programs. We also provide natural resources related computer services for field data collection and data summarization.


Lance L. Christensen received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Forest Management from Washington State University in 1979.

Contact Lance L. Christensen, CF

Contact Lance L. Christensen, CF

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