Lamoille County NRCD

The Lamoille County Natural Resources Conservation District (LCNRCD) was established 1945 in response to the degradation of natural resources vital to the agricultural livelihood of residents in Lamoille County.

Working in Partnership with the USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service, the Conservation District works:

  • To maintain and improve our natural resources
  • To aid and educate our fellow citizens to
    appreciate and adjust to the changes taking place in our natural resource system.
  • To be a local voice for conservation, preservation and stewardship of all natural resources and work in conjunction with other agencies (private and public) at the grassroots level.

LCNRCD supports the working landscape and advocates for a farm and forest lands-based economy of the Lamoille River Watershed through the Lamoille Valley Farm and Forest Initiative (LVFFI). The initiative is comprised of a series of projects that support the working landscape, be it farming or forestry or their secondary markets

Contact Lamoille County NRCD

Contact Lamoille County NRCD

Kimberly Jensen
109 Professional Drive
Suite 2
Morrisville, Vermont  05661-8524
Phone: (802) 888-9218 ext:113
Fax: (802) 888-8901


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Lamoille County, Vermont