Lamoille Conservation District

Activities and Services

  • Participate in the implementation of an updated Memorandum of Agreement for a cooperative countywide noxious weed program and participate in with the Humboldt River Watershed Weed Management Area Plan. 
  • Support the Elko County Cooperative Weed Management Area. 
  • Continue implementation of the Lamoille Noxious weed control program. 
  • Continue cost share program for weed abatement within the District. 
  • Coordinate with the Spring Creek Cooperative Weed Management Area. 
  • Provide support for upcoming Farm Bill Programs. 
  • Continue cooperation with all agencies on water quality problems when identified within the District. 
  • Manage the district equipment program for benefit of cooperators in implementing conservation practices. 
  • Continue the operation plan for the Equipment program using the Government Surplus Program to acquire equipment purchases. 
  • Develop an equipment fund for future equipment purchases. 
  • Provide technical assistance to land users on planning and implementation of conservation practices. 
  • Assist NRCS on outreach programs to insure that all land users are aware of available assistance. 
  • Support the Northeastern Nevada Stewardship Group with their projects. 
  • Collaborate with NDOW on Land Owner Incentive Program for habitat restoration. 
  • Collaborate with the State of Nevada Sagebrush Ecosystem Council on projects for habitat preservation and restoration. 
  • Continue Stewardship of the Lamoille Rancher’s Center in cooperation with other users.

Contact Lamoille Conservation District

Ed Sarman
555 W Silver St #101
Elko, Nevada  89801
Phone: (775) 738-8431 x120


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Elko County, Nevada