Lalibela Farm

We started Lalibela Farm in 2006. We are a small, family run MOFGA certified organic farm and  (since 2009) an Organic Tempeh producer. We have changed our business model over the years as we have followed the changing needs of farm and family life. It is a delicate balance, and we are thankful to have been open to the flow of changes along the way.  We recently purchased 22 acres of beautiful land in Bowdoinham, where we will grow our business, and watch our family's life unfold. 

At the very core of our intentions at Lalibela Farm, is to make a positive contribution to our community- to the world. We want to show our children that you can choose to live life with intention and purpose, while working hard and enjoying every moment. 

We love what we do. We love having the opportunity to connect with our customers, and welcome your feedback and questions about our products.

Contact Lalibela Farm

Contact Lalibela Farm

Jaime & Andrew Berhanu
593 Gardiner Rd.
Dresden, Maine  04342


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