Lake County Weed Management Area

Outreach Summary:


  • Invasive Weeds of Lake County pamphlet


  • In January of 2003, an Invasive Plant School was held, with about 100 attendees
  • In 2005, the WMA led an invasive weed driving tour, and the event was repeated in 2007
  • Presentations on weeds of Lake County are given as needed for local organizations like watershed groups.


  • For Invasive Weed Awareness Week, Lake WMA members go before the County Board of Supervisors to receive a proclamation paralleling the state legislature?s proclamation, an event that is aired on local television
  • Articles about the Lake County biocontrol program have appeared in a local paper and in a Farm Bureau publication.

Project Highlights:

  • Lake County arundo mapping and treatment
    • GPS technology was used to survey and create GIS maps for arundo and tamarisk species over 70-75% of Lake County. Of the mapped area, 60% has been treated for arundo using two forms of chemical treatment. Most plants were originally treated using the cut-and-daub method, and then any re-growth was treated a second time by bending the plant down and spraying it with a dilute herbicide. Project partners included the East Lake and West Lake Resource Conservation Districts, Lake County Public Works, and the Agricultural Commissioner’s Office.
  • Broom grazing at the Robinson Rancheria
    • Broom species were grazed by goats on 1.5 acres at the Robinson Rancheria in Nice, on the northern end of Clear Lake. A follow-up treatment with clove oil on new shoots and re-growth during intense summer heat was very effective.

Contact Lake County Weed Management Area

Contact Lake County Weed Management Area

Katherine Blyleven
883 Lakeport Blvd
Lakeport, California  95453
Phone: 707-263-0217


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