Lake County Cooperative Weed Management Area

The Lake County Cooperative Weed Management Area operates an a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  The Lake County CWMA mission is to provide a link between landowners and agencies, and work towards cooperative noxious weed control efforts across the many jurisdictions of Lake County.   The Lake County CWMA promotes noxious weed awareness through public/ landowner educations and youth education.   The Lake County CWMA is known for planning and facilitating many successful large scales on the ground noxious weed control projects across Lake County.

The Noxious Weed Control Program serves as a leader in protecting valued natural and agricultural resources from the introduction and spread of noxious weeds. 

Noxious ?weeds

  • Displace and compete with native and desirable economic plants
  • Impact agricultural and forest economies and resources such as fish, wildlife, recreation, and overall watershed health

Noxious Weed Control Program staff 

  • Implement early detection and rapid response projects for new invaders
  • Promote an intensive biological control program
  • Provide assistance to those implementing integrated weed management projects across the state
  • Maintain maps for priority listed noxious weeds
  • Conduct statewide inventories and surveys
  • Deliver education outreach programs
  • Serve as a resource to the Oregon State Weed Board???????????

Contact Lake County Cooperative Weed Management Area

Contact Lake County Cooperative Weed Management Area

Jason Jaeger
Program Coordinator
PO Box 567
Lakeview, Oregon  97630
Phone: (541)219-0537


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Lake County, Oregon