Lake Agassiz RC&D Council

The Lake Agassiz Regional Council, Lake Agassiz Regional Development Corporation and Lake Agassiz Housing Corporation provide community and economic development services to cities, counties and businesses in southeastern North Dakota under the Lake Agassiz Development Group (LADG) banner.

Lake Agassiz Regional Council (LARC) was established in 1974 by representatives of Cass, Ransom, Richland, Sargent, Steele and Traill Counties.  An outgrowth of the USDA Resource Conservation and Development Program, the council provides a regional approach to economic and community development issues.  LARC was awarded Economic Development District (EDD) designation from the Economic Development Administration, US Department of Commerce in 1975, enabling access to federal funding for planning and public works projects. Today the council provides a broad array of services to the region including local and regional economic development planning, zoning ordinance development, small business lending and public infrastructure financing. 

LARC is managed by a 20-member board of directors comprised of mayors, county commissioners and soil conservation district supervisors from each of the six member counties, a representative of Job Service ND and a minority community representative.

Lake Agassiz Regional Development Corporation (LARDC) was organized in 1987 to assist in the development of the Regional Small Business Center, a small business incubator located in downtown Fargo.  In the mid 1990’s LARDC’s role expanded into small business lending when federal programs aimed to foster rural development and small business growth were created.  Today LARDC owns and operates the Regional Small Business Center in Fargo, which in addition to LADG’s business offices, is home to 23 small businesses. LARDC also offers the SBA Microloan Program to small businesses throughout the state and the USDA Rural Development Intermediary Relending Program to eligible businesses in the 19 easternmost counties of North Dakota.

LARDC is managed by a 6-member board of directors, one director from each member county in the Lake Agassiz Region.

Lake Agassiz Housing Corporation (LAHC), a non-profit subsidiary of LARDC, was established to meet the need for affordable housing in many of the region’s communities.  The strategy entailed developing housing for independent seniors whose homes would then become available to younger residents at affordable prices.  LAHC now owns and operates senior housing in Lisbon (Ransom County), Wahpeton (Richland County), Page (Cass County) and Hope (Steele County).  The LARDC board of directors serves as the LAHC board

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Contact Lake Agassiz RC&D Council

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